First and foremost Courtney I want to thank you for the opportunity to be a student of the 2011 Winter Artistry Course! The knowledge and confidence I acquired in your class will help me to become a successful makeup artist. Every class was jammed packed with useful information that has helped me in my business. I will definitely recommend your class to everyone I can, as the class is beneficial from beginners to working makeup artist. You always made the classes interesting and fun. I will definitely be your student again for any other classes you  offer. Thank you  for giving every one in class the confidence to excel in any situation with makeup and client relations. Looking forward to working with you in the future.

-Sheri Skiba

Your an amazing teacher and makeup artist. Confident, smart, and full of passion for makeup. I thoroughly enjoy your presence and energy! Thank you so much for everything! 

-Jewelz Pavan

I really enjoyed this class and the girls I worked with. It was educational and fun! Everyone was easy going and wanted to learn everything they could! I personally wanted to educate myself on how to apply makeup to someone else other then myself and even more tips & tricks I didn't already know. Courtney was super helpful and an amazing teacher. Very fun personality and dedicated to see her girls rise! I would recommend this class to anyone and recommend Courtney as a makeup artist to everyone! If I could take this class again just for fun I would.

- Jen Heward

Courtney is wonderful! I was a little reluctant at first about the class feeling maybe "too old" or "not hip enough" but it was awesome. I began the class to just add a service in my salon, but found a new love in makeup thanks to Courtney. I learned so much in the makeup artistry class. Courtney strives to make everyone feel important and confident in the class. She becomes more like a best friend then a teacher. She encouraged me the entire way and spent extra time on her day off to help me with hair design. I enjoyed every aspect of class and would highly recommend to everyone. I would also recommend Courtney for her professionalism as a teacher, makeup artist and cosmetologist. 

- Stacey Barton

Courtney Hurley is an excellent teacher with the knowledge and experience of both a model as well as a make up artist. I took Courtney's class and learned not only make up design but history and trends as well. Courtney was able to work with my hectic schedule and provide a service I hope to utilize in the future as I continue to learn and grow as an artist.
I highly reccomend this class to anyone interested in becoming a make up artist, fashion designer, or even someone who would like to learn how to do make up the right way.
- Aristeo Duenas

I took Courtney's 2011 Winter Course. I got to meet wonderful girls with the same interest as me. I learned new techniques @ ways to apply makeup. My knowledge has grown drastically not only with makeup but how to advertise and promote myself as a freelance artist. She's an amazing teacher and awesome girl, I am very thankful for meeting her and taking her course. I have learned so much, so thank you Courtney for everything.

- Danielle Mathias

Courtney, Thank you for the opportunity of being in your 2011 Spring Artistry Course Class, You are a very great and encouraging teacher. I learned a lot, especially on how to apply makeup in many different eye types. You have so much knowledge and willing to share it with your students, not many makeup artist do this. So thank you again for all that you do for us students. By doing so it gives us a better preparation to go out in the makeup artist field. You put a great course together and will be recommending you to friends.

- Maria Tolentino

I attended Courtney's Winter Artistry Course 2011. I really enjoyed taking this class. Courtney is a great teacher and knows how to really break it down so you get it. I totally recommend this class to anyone who has no absolute clue on makeup, to those who really want to push it and become a makeup artist. I am very privileged to have worked alongside Courtney & my fellow classmates.

- Adrianne Grimaldo

Being able to be a part of Courtney Hurley's makeup artistry course has truly been an honor. My knowledge has grown dramatically and better prepared me to dive into the cosmetic industry with confidence. I would recommend this class to anyone and everyone. You'll be sure to have an experience of a life time learning from Courtney.

-Stephanie Vladesov

Thanks so much for this class you put on! It's been a great experience learning the tips and great skills of makeup through your course! My knowledge has transformed vastly!  I would recommend this course to anyone who wants a great successful career in doing makeup! Thanks for all the fun, laughs, and everything you have taught me!

I took the fall 2010 artistry course with Courtney's Glam. I learned many different techniques and trends while taking this course. Courtney is a fantastic teacher who makes the learning experience fun. I would recommend this course for anyone interested in breaking into the makeup industry or anyone just interested in learning to apply their own makeup better.

-Rhonda Sorrell 

I really enjoyed learning all the different tricks you can do with makeup. I have to say my favorite part was the eyeliner! I never knew you could do it that way, I'm so sheltered! :) Now I'm an eyeliner lover, eyeshadow blender, and false eyelash wearer! All while having a blast with some great women! AND I looked amazing for my birthday celebration afterward! Thanks Court!

- Lindsay Porta

As a photographer a makeup artist pushes my work to the next level. Shooting the models made up by Courtneys Glam graduates is amazing. All the artist come out of the class with a new skill set that sets them apart in their field. Courtneys is a pleasure to work with and by seeing the work of her students is an excellent instructor as well. Anybody interested in hair and makeup should definitely take advantage of the services offered by the CG Salon and Boutique.


 Class Experience

Who knew looking for someone who could airbrush tan would turn into a fun and fabulous makeup experience?!   I have a love for makeup and thought myself pretty knowledgeable about it, but was quite surprised how much more I learned.  I will definitely be spreading the word about this makeup course to anyone who has the slightest interest in learning how to become makeup artist.  Can't wait to apply my knowledge on my friends and family.  Thanks Courtney!!
-Becky Wurster

Courtney Hurley is an amazingly talented Makeup Artist who enjoys sharing her knowledge freely with all aspiring makeup artist. I would like to personally thank her for the confidence she has given me as a makeup artist. I would recommend these classes to anyone and everyone who is trying to break into this field. Her classes offer you the valuable skills in becoming a professional makeup artist as well as useful tools in how to become a successful independent business owner. Thanks for everything!

- Elizabeth Herrera 

Courtney is a phenomenal instructor, a talented makeup artist, as well as an amazing human being! I took her makeup artist certification course in February of 2010 and was amazed by how much I learned in such a short amount of time. The course is very hands on and Courtney's teaching style makes everthing very easy to understand. Courtney is very encouraging and truley believes in all of the students. She game me a great sense of confidence which helped me complete the course and move on to be a succesful makeup artist.

-Sydney Reed

 I loved this class! I was surprised to find out how much I didn't know about makeup and applying it. You are a great teacher! I can't wait to do my friends and other people's makeup.

- Rebecca Henkel

My experience with this makeup course has been fantastic. Not only has this opened my eyes with new exciting opportunities, I have soaked up so much current information and have more of an understanding of the basics of general makeup application. I would highly recommend this professional course to anyone who has a passion for makeup.

-Elyssa Farabee

My experience in Courtney's makeup artistry course was fantastic! Courtney is an amazing person and teacher, I could not think of anyone better to learn this from. She has been able to teach me the fundamentals of makeup and make me confident enough to go out and work on my own in just a few weeks. She is so easy to learn from, she makes everything understandable and answers any questions you might have. I had so much fun at this class and cant wait to move forward with my new business. I highly recommend this class for anyone interested in the industry, you will have fun and learn great new things about makeup.

- Darian Barton 

I am so thankful for the experience I had working with Courtney Hurley. She taught me how to have confidence in myself and she was always encouraging me. She was very easy to talk to and always understanding as well. She taught me so much about modeling and she was so good at what she did. I would have never even dreamed of having as good photos as I did while modeling. Due to Courtney's guidance and encouragement, my photos got better and better each photo shoot. Courtney worked hard at what she did and was always looking for paid work for her models. Not only was she an awesome model manager, but she was also an amazing friend. I am very blessed to have worked with Courtney Hurley and to have her in my life :) 
-Bethany Sanysidro